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Wykład z cyklu AMU Invited Lecture Series in Functional Nanomaterials - Prof. Silvia Marchesan

W imieniu organizatorów serdecznie zapraszamy na kolejny wykład z cyklu AMU Invited Lecture Series in Functional Nanomaterials, który odbędzie się w środę, 22 marca br. o godz. 11.00,  na platformie TEAMS.

Wykład pt." Chirality matters: supramolecular systems from heterochiral short peptides”  wygłosi Prof. Silvia Marchesan, University of Trieste, Italy (

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Nature’s choice for homochirality has stimulated our research, as we question it with heterochirality. The scientific journey in this direction starts from the design of short peptides to define self-assembly rules within chemical systems of biological relevance. We use one or two D-amino acids in D,L-tripeptides and study small libraries with variations in stereochemistry or amino acid sequence. We established how chirality affects spatial conformation for assembly from the molecular, nano-, micro- and through to the macro-scale, to link the macroscopic properties back to structural details of the building blocks. As an example, substitution of intermolecular with intramolecular interactions can be used to direct self-organization and impede the uncontrolled formation of hierarchical structures. As Alice steps beyond the mirror and enters Wonderland, we can get inspired by D-amino acids and use them in D,L-peptides to achieve functional superstructures. We monitored molecular conformation and its evolution as a continuum to macroscopic hydrogels. We have now identified a more diverse library of self-assembling tripeptides with different functional groups. Applications range from (antimicrobial) biomaterial to supramolecular catalysis, amyloid inhibition, and molecular separation in combination with orthogonal supramolecular systems, with a function that can be switched on/off with assembly/disassembly.