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Wykład "Nucleobase-containing amino acids and peptides: synthesis, properties and applications" - dr Giovanni N. Roviello

Szanowni Państwo,

w imieniu Dziekana Wydziału Chemii, prof. Macieja Kubickiego, serdecznie zapraszamy na wykład, który odbędzie się 
1 grudnia 2022 (czwartek) o godz. 10:15 w sali 2.61.

Wykład pt. “Nucleobase-containing amino acids and peptides: synthesis, properties and applications" 

wygłosi dr Giovanni N. Roviello z Istituto di Biostrutture e Bioimmagini Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (IBB-CNR) w Neapolu.


Nucleobase-bearing aminoacids, also known as nucleoamino acids, and nucleobase-decorated peptides, often referred to as nucleopeptides are molecules in some cases found in nature and more often synthetically obtained that disclose a cornucopia of applications in the materials fields and biomedicine, to cite only a few. In this talk an introduction on the main research activities of Dr. Giovanni N. Roviello, Ph.D., researcher at Institute of Biostructures and Imaging (IBB) of the Italian National Council for Research (CNR), will be firstly provided. Moreover, the chemistry of nucleopeptides and their monomeric constituents and some other related nucleobase/amino acid-containing structures will be presented alongside with some of their biomedical relevant applications.


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