Information for first-year students


  • Documents required after recruitment process

    The first year student should deliver, at the beginning of the academic year, at a meeting with a tutor or to the Student Service Office the following documents:

    1. A medical certificate from Work Medicine. The referral can be downloaded from your recruitment panel (please add attached screenshots). The certificate should be delivered to the Faculty as soon as possible, preferably before the first class in the laboratory.

    2. Present the original of your secondary school-leaving examination certificate, the scan of which was attached during the online recruitment, for inspection. The confirmation of documents should be completed by the end of October of a given academic year.
    3. If the student is under 18 as of October 1st of a given academic year, she/he should submit an additional document to the Student Service Office by the beginning of the academic year. Template of Statements of the legal representative are available on the website
    4. If you are a foreign student and your certificate is not recognized by Polish law (details on page, and has been temporarily qualified during online recruitment, you should apply for an administrative decision issued by the competent superintendent of education.
      Read the details of the procedure of the Education Board in Poznań: Kuratorium Oświaty w Poznaniu
    5. Kuratorium Oświaty w Poznaniu
      Wydział do Spraw Nauczycieli i Sieci Szkół
      Plac Wolności 18, 61-739 Poznań.

      Information on the procedure for recognition of a certificate issued abroad is provided by employees of the Department for Teachers and School Networks during office hours. The interested person may submit the documents after prior arrangement of the date and time of the visit by phone: 61 670 40 86 or via e-mail:

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