Associate ProfessorMaria Chrzanowska

Associate Professor

ORCID: 0000-0000-8292-4763

  • Member of the University's Appellate Disciplinary Commission for Students
  • ECTS Coordinator
  • Member of Scientific Council of the Discipline of Chemical Sciences
  • Member of Team for Education Quality Assurance
  • Polish Chemical Society
  • Designing of new methods of the synthesis of non-racemic tertiary amines and further transformations into alkaloid’s system, asymmetric synthesis of tetrahydroisoquinoline and protoberberine derivatives,
  • Petasis reaction
  1. M. Chrzanowska, A. Dreas, Z. Meissner
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  2. M. Chrzanowska, A. Grajewska, M. D. Rozwadowska
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  4. I. Bułyszko, M. Chrzanowska, A. Grajewska, M. D. Rozwadowska
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  5. M. Chrzanowska, Z. Meissner, J. M. Chrzanowska, A. K. Gzella
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  6. M. Chrzanowska, A. Grajewska, M. D. Rozwadowska
    "Synthesis of Calycotomine and N-Methylcalycotomine using a Petasis Reaction – Pomeranz-Fritsch-Bobbitt Cyclisation Sequence" Heterocycles, 86, 1119-1127 (2012)
  7. M. Chrzanowska, A. Grajewska, Z. Meissner, M. Rozwadowska, I. Wiatrowska
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