Associate ProfessorMagdalena Rapp

Prof. UAM, dr hab. Magdalena Rapp graduated from chemistry (environmental chemistry) in 1999 at the Faculty of Chemistry, Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland. In 2003, she accomplished her Ph.D. thesis related to the synthesis and photochemistry of pyrimidines, under the supervision of Prof. Krzysztof Golankiewicz at the same faculty. In the period 2004-2006, she completed a postdoctoral fellowship in the group of Prof. Stanisław Wnuk at the FIU University in Miami, USA, where she gained experience in the chemistry of sugars and nucleosides. In 2006, she started working as an assistant professor at the Department of Synthesis and Structure of Organic Compounds at the Faculty of Chemistry Adam Mickiewicz University, in the research group of Prof. Henryk Koroniak. In 2019, she obtained a habilitation degree for the work related to the synthesis and stereochemistry of natural product analogs.

Research interests: synthesis and structure determination of analogs of biologically important molecules (amino acids, nucleosides, sugars) containing fluorine as well as organophosphorus compounds.

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