Associate ProfessorBeata Dudziec


  • 2004 –M.Sc.
  • 2008 – Ph.D.
  • 2018 – Habilitation


  • 2019 – prof. UAM position (Associate Professor) at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznan, Poland
  • 2013 - Coordinator of Laboratory Classes in Inorganic Chemistry
  • Awards:

  • 2018 - AMU Rector's Award of 1st Degree for Scientific Achievements
  • 2017 - AMU Rector's scholarship for academic teachers
  • 2015 – 2017- Scholarship for Outstanding Young Scientists awarded by the Minister of Science and Higher Education
  • 2015 - Scholarship for Young Doctors as a part of the project: “AMU: Unique Graduate = Possibilities. Increasing  didactic potential of Adam Mickiewicz University through proinnovative education in the English language, interdisciplinarity, e-learning and human resources investment”, Poznan, Poland
  • 2009 - The Prime Minister's Award for the Ph.D. dissertation
  • 2009 - Award of the Polish Chemical Society and Sigma-Aldrich for distinguished doctoral dissertations of widely comprehended organic chemistry, Warsaw
  • 2006– 2007: Scholarship for the best PhD students in Greater Poland in field of science contributing to the development of strategic areas of the region” Project realized by the Adam Mickiewicz University Foundation – Poznan Science and Technology Park, Poznan
  • 2004: Maxima cum Laude award for the best graduated student – Adam Mickiewicz University, Faculty of Chemistry, Poland
  • homogeneous catalysis of organometallic and especially organosilicon compounds
  • synthesis and modification of molecular organosilicon compounds, in particular the so-called silsesquioxanes (POSS), in stoichiometric and catalytic processes
  • synthesis of functionalized silsesquioxanes and their application in modification of polymers
  • formation of macromolecular, hybrid materials with silsesquioxanes of T8 and double-decker (DDSQ) type as a linker via Transition Metal (TM) catalyzed processes
  • application of silsesquioxanes to obtain advanced functional hybrid materials

Selected publications:

  1. K. Mituła, J. Duszczak, M. Rzonsowska, P. Żak, B. DudziecPolysiloxanes grafted with Mono(alkenyl)Silsesquioxanes - Particular Concept for their Connection
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  2. M. Rzonsowska, K. Zmudzińska, J. Duszczak, K. Mituła, B. Dudziec, P. Żak “Synthesis of (multi)silylalkynyl-substituted silsesquioxanes obtained via silylative coupling reaction”
    2020, 39, 1, 74-79
  3. P. Żak, M. Bołt, M. Grzelak, K. Rachuta, B. Dudziec, R. Januszewski, B. Marciniec, B. Marciniak „Synthesis and Properties of Chromophore-Functionalized Monovinylsilsesquioxane Derivatives”
    New J. Chem.
    2020, 44, 7659-7664
  4. K. Mituła, M. Dutkiewicz, J. Duszczak, M. Rzonsowska, B. Dudziec Preparation of tri(alkenyl)functional open-cage silsesquioxanes as specific polymer modifiers” Polymers 2020, 12(5), 1063
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  9. P. Żak, L. Delaude, B. Dudziec, B. Marciniec “N-Heterocyclic carbene-based ruthenium–hydride catalysts for the synthesis of a novel class of unsymmetrically functionalized double-decker silsesquioxanes”
    Chem Commun.
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  10. F. Kallmeier; B. Dudziec; T. Irrgang, R. Kempe ”Manganese-catalyzed sustainable synthesis of pyrroles from alcohols and amino alcohols”
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    Chem. Commun
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Selected patents:
EP 2076521 (B1), US 8680310 (B2), US 8344169 (B2), US 9108994 (B2), US 9518069 (B2), US 9150596 (B2), PAT.220987 (B1), PAT.221979 (B1),  PAT.224582 (B1), PAT.218555 (B1), PAT.228312 (B1), PAT.233823 (B1), PAT.233702 (B1), PAT.234668 (B1), PAT.236041 (B1)