Associate ProfessorAnna Szwajca

Associate Professor

Dr hab. Anna Szwajca, Associate Professor in the Department of Synthesis and Structure of Organic Compounds Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań. She has been associated with the Faculty of Chemistry after graduation, where she gained subsequent academic degrees. In 2007, she received a national scholarship FNP. In 2007-2009 she was a researcher at the Institute for Semiconductor Technology - TU Braunschweig in an international research group of prof. M. Tornow, where she participated in the implementation of the BMBF grant.

  • The Polish Chemical Society - member of the board of Poznań Division of PCS
  • Scientific Discipline Board for Chemical Science – member
  • Support for Students and PhD students with Disabilities - Faculty Coordinator
  • Consulting and Mental Health support - Faculty Coordinator
  • natural and synthetic organic polymers for biomaterials and food packaging
  • preparation and characterization of fluorescent polymer nanoparticles
  • physicochemical surface properties of the functionalized semiconductors
  • hybrid materials for molecular electronics and bioimaging
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